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Why do we love the Leopold?

Vibrant Urban Living

No other senior community in Whatcom County is able to offer access and walkability like the Leopold does—right from your door! It’s not uncommon for people to move to the Leopold, park their car, and hardly ever use it again. City amenities such as shopping, museums, the YMCA, waterfront walks and trails, cafes and restaurants are all just minutes away by foot.

When choosing a senior community, consider the surroundings and how they will affect your daily life and mood. Is it near the constant thrum of a freeway? Does the location require a bus or car to go shopping, enjoy a restaurant, or take a walk? Is the community off on its own, isolated by a parkway and in a sea of apartments, medical offices, or box stores?

Draw a circle around the Leopold a mile in diameter and you’ve just drawn a circle of life. Nearly everything you need, nearly everything you want for a full life is in that circle.

Consider: Fred Meyers, Western Washington University, Starbucks, Sehome Hill Arboretum, Pickford Theater, The Woods, The Farmers Market, RiteAid, Rock and Rye, Akroteri, Spark Museum, Boundary Bay Brewery, Avellino, YMCA, Community Food Coop, Aslan Brewery, Limelight Theater, Whatcom Museum, Eat Restaurant, The Black Drop, Cosmos, Mt. Baker Theater, Cap Hansen’s, Maritime Heritage Park, Interurban Trail, Jalapenos, Old Town Cafe, Cabin Tavern, Ideal, Goat Mountain Pizza, Horseshoe Cafe, Cornwall Beach—that’s just the beginning.

And, when you live at the Leopold you have friends to enjoy it all with—like-minded seniors who know what you do—living downtown keeps you vibrant and healthy.

Vibrant urban living. Welcome to real living at The Leopold.