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Why do we love the Leopold?

New friends

It’s not something we often talk about. Living at home can be very isolating, and very lonely. In recent years we’ve even been told we need to stay “independent” and “at home” for as long as possible. As the maintenance and the bills pile up, and more days are spent in isolation with the television, you really have to question why this is our vision of how things ought to be.

We don’t stop needing friends and close relationships when we age. In fact, if anything we need them more. At The Leopold residents are in community whenever they want it. New friends to share a meal with, to take a walk with, watch movies with…and peace and quiet behind your own door when you need a rest. But a knock at the door and an invitation to do something fun is never far away.

It’s been said that the Leopold is nine floors of stories. Here in one day you can reminisce with old friends, share your stories with new friends, and make new memories and build new relationships. Life doesn’t stop when you age. In fact, in the right community, a whole new life is available to you with all the pleasures and possibilities from any age.

Put down the remote and meet your new friends. Welcome to real friendships at The Leopold.

  • “When you walk in the door you feel comfortable.”

    - Bill
  • “I can’t tell you what I like about the Leopold because I love everything about it.”

    - Bette Gobin
  • “When I first visited the Leopold I thought, ‘This is for me!'”

    - Jo Wagner, resident since 2012
  • “Why do I love the Leopold? Well, we’re in the hub of an entertainment district!”

    - Carl Shewmaker, resident since 2012

Why wait?

Too often we wait longer than we should, delaying a change to a more fulfilling way of life.