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Why do we love the Leopold?

Great food

You spent years cooking. Now it’s someone else’s turn.

In fact, she’s a trained, gourmet chef whose goal is to cook satisfying, fresh and nutritious meals each and every day. This is no cafeteria. The Leopold’s dining room is more like a restaurant, with a menu offering go-to favorites, as well as a new meals daily to choose from. You enjoy the company of friends while the rest is done for you. And our servers take your order with a smile, but unlike a restaurant, they know just how you like your food and how much of it—you don’t even need to explain. Because in this way, it’s like eating at home. You are surrounded by people who know you and care for you.

But when you are ready to step out, there are scores of restaurants and cafes within walking distance of The Leopold. We consider them an extension of our dining room. Whether it’s the bakery next door, the brew pub down the street, or the Greek place 40 paces away, your life here is not confined to what’s in the cupboard.

Living at the Leopold there’s no need to go to the grocery store, do the dishes, make excuses for the turkey being a little dry, or try to meet someone’s dietary requirements. Now, let us serve you.

Fine dining, daily. Welcome to real food at The Leopold.